Fair Trade fortnight

As part of Fairtrade fortnight 2017 we had a chocolate tasting day with the primary pupils. Jack Owen created a lovely booklet for the Nursery and Lower Primary pupils on Fairtrade. He explained about what Fairtrade is and how it works.  He also explained about the Fairtrade symbol.

There were 6 different types of Divine Fairtrade chocolate on offer, such as milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt, 85% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate with raspberries, 70% dark chocolate, white chocolate with strawberries, and milk chocolate.  All of the primary children enjoyed the event and they liked most of the chocolate too.

As part of our chocolate taster session we needed some way of recognising what was popular chocolate or not. We did this by having an evaluation slip which was made by S1 pupils.  It featured questions like “what did it smell like?” and “did you enjoy it?” These questions were based on Divine Chocolates’ professional instructions on how to sample chocolate.

We also created a chocolate bar made out of cardboard for a wall display. We spent lots of time creating and researching facts so that people could read them as they picked up their kids from Nursery, or for primary pupils to read as they leave

their classrooms.  We researched lots of different facts about bananas, tea, coffee, farmers, chocolate, and other Fair Trade products.  We used speech bubbles as if the farmers in the pictures were telling us facts.We needed a name for the chocolate bar on the display so we ran a competition and we had two names that we couldn’t decide between so we merged them together, so Ben and Elsie’s name won.  Ben’s name was Swirly Whirly and Elsie’s name was Delight.  So “Swirly Whirly Delight” was the name.



by Jack, Aida, Jessie, Magnus and Andrew


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