Harry the Hermit Crab

Riley’s dad caught the star fish and then he gave the bucket to us with the star fish in it. We looked in and saw all the star fish. We took them out so that we could draw them. And then we saw a hermit crab!! We called it Harry the Hermit Crab!

It was such a surprise because that morning we read a book about a hermit crab! In the book the crab didn’t have a shell and then he was looking around and he found a shell so he went inside it. And he shared it with a sea anemone and a worm that cleans the shell.

Harry the hermit crab had a tiny tiny shell, that wasn’t the right size for him. Robbie and Alfie were looking for a big shell for him, and then we got a little winkle. He didn’t go into the winkle, so we put him in a big dog whelk. He was very still then and we were a bit worried he was dead.








by Jack, Alfie, Robyn, Davey and Robbie in the Lower Primary

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