Our Sea and Shore Challenge Homework

Our project is the sea and shore. Mrs Stout gives us challenge homework. This is homework that is a challenge! We have to do stuff that nobody else does, and not copy anyone. This challenge homework was to collect shells and make something out of it that’s really cool.

Davy: “I built my box by myself in the shed. My Grandad helped me a little bit. I nailed it all in and cut it all out and Grandad put the hinges on.”

Robbie: “My mum helped me write the Shore and then we stuck the shells on and me and her stuck the shells and the paper on and we stuck peedie shells on the sea.”

Alfie: “My dad helped me make the box and my mum put all the sections and the shells in and my dad put the scallops on the front.”

Jack: “My mum did the first bit but it was too small. Then I cut it out and it was too big! Then mum did it again and it was fine, and we stuck the shells on.”

Robyn: “My mum cut off the top of a cardboard box. Then we stuck on some shells and we decorated the boat with groatie buckies.”

Here are all our friends in our class with their challenge homeworks!


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