Parent Council

What is the Parent Council, and what do we do? 

Who are we? Well, in a nutshell, we are you. We are here to represent the views of parents/carers with pupils at the school. We know that parents are important and make a real difference to children’s learning. When parents are involved children and young people do better and achieve more.

Our aims are:

  • To work together with everyone involved in school life – parents, pupils, teachers, school staff and the wider community – to support the school.
  • To make sure that all parents have a say in their children’s education – and are able to express their views and wishes.
  • To build links and involve parents with the wider learning community – nurseries and preschool groups, other schools and services.
  • To listen to what parents want the Parent Council to do and report back to the Parent Forum on our activities and how they can get involved.

The current Chair of the Parent Council is Kenneth Harcus. If you want to contact Kenneth, please email or call the school in the first instance, and we will put you in touch.

You can keep up to date with Parent Council by checking their blog:


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